Friday, August 03, 2007

Jazz, fireworks & Edith Piaf

I'm off to visit bull-fighting country this weekend, here are some sights I've seen over the past month.

Last week we were at the Nice Jazz Festival-not so much jazz on offer but some great soul, funk & blues acts. We saw Isaac Hayes perform a great rendition of the 'Shaft theme'. Sly Stone was on his last legs but his 'Family' were superb & 'King' Solomon Burke is something else! I couldn't draw this guy fat enough-they literally wheeled him on stage behind a curtain & plonked him down on his golden throne!

Mougins village-gorgeous little hill village with an interesting photography museum containing Andr├ę Villers' shots of Picasso.

The temporary exhibition displays Chiara Samugheo's pictures of the golden age of Cin├ęcitta Studio. Check out Federico Fellini giving Sophia Loren the old Italian charm!


Mick said...

excellent stuff.. beween you and Mr Cickchimp i fell more culturd than ever before. Great pics of Picasso there, that guy could reall wear a jumper

Bentos said...

Jazz? Nice!

Zorgui said...

I am Chiara Samugheo. these pictures belongs to me (Felini, Mastroiani, Hitchcock).Please call this number 00 33 (0) 650047800 - I want to know who gave you these photos.You have not the right to use them. (all rights reserved).

Chiara Samugheo